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How do you set log channel for parcel-based actionsUpdated 3 months ago

In this tutorial, we will go through what each parcel based action does, and hopefully, you’ll learn something new. Let’s start by explaining on what they actually do.

Purchase Logs will log the purchases that your customers make, so you can thank those beautiful customers that bought your product!

Staff Logs are a bit different on how they operate. Their job is to log the actions of the staff that have permission to edit a product., update a product, or transfer a product.

Let's get started!

Go to the discord server that you want to change these actions, so you can run the proper commands, and make sure you have access to these commands before you do it.

By running the /settings command in the discord server, please make sure your direct messages are not blocked, or Parcel will not properly send you the prompt for this.

Once you run the command, you should be prompted by Parcel in your direct messages or you can jump to the message. Please navigate to Discord Settings in the dropdown that Parcel provides.

You should be prompted with buttons, containing the configuration options. Please pick the one that you want, and then input your channel ID.

Congratulations! You’ve set the logs, and they should be working as normal. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to our team at Parcel Customer Support.

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